Winter Fishing Challenge


We all know fishing is TOUGH in the winter!  Its hard to land a Barra but certainly not impossible!

So if you are up for the challenge we have a contest for you!

HERES how it works......

  1. To be eligible to win the $500 or the major prizes you must be a Winter Fishing Member
  2. Daily prizes from our prize pool will be available to anyone fishing at the park, member or not

Tagged Fish - $500 Bounty

This year we have tagged just 1 fish. Tag number 35849It may be in Big Boys OR in the creek but it is definitely NOT in the Aqua lake/middle pond. This one fish carries the $500 prize money which will be awarded at the completion of the contest. The prize money will be split amongst the people that catch this fish during the contest. If 1 person catches this fish during the contest they get $500. If 2 people catch it at different times they get $250 each. If 3 people catch it they get $166.66 each and so on…… If this fish is not caught at all the prize money will be split between 1st 2nd and 3rd prize winners $250 $150 $100.

Daily Prizes

This is a minor prize from our daily prize pool. This could include free passes, lures, coupons or fishing goodies donated by our generous sponsors. Daily prize pool prizes can be won by anyone fishing at the park, member or not. 

Contest Winners and Categories

Major prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded at the completion of the contest. As well as a place on the perennial board for the winner, major prizes to be announced. A combined length of your 5 best fish will be used for the calculations. We will also award a Bream Winner (best 3 Bream caught combined length) and Best Barra on Lure or Fly. Junior or Senior. No age categories.

Fish must be measured on a brag mat showing size, membership ID card and showing tag number together with the daily passcode supplied by our staff, uploaded to Facebook or sent to us by email or Messenger.

*To be eligible to win major prizes you must be a Winter Fishing Member

$99 Winter Fishing Membership

And because we admit winter fishing can be tough we are giving you plenty of time to catch your fish. For ONLY $99 you can buy a Winter Fishing Membership which gives you UNLIMITED fishing time any time we are open from June 1 right up August 30th. Buy this online on our website, or at the front counter.

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