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Celebrating 10 years of Windsor Pro models, This board is built for hard edging, huge kicker hits, and deep presses. It features subtle tip and tail channels and a more aggressive rail profile to deliver the perfect amount of traction for corner tricks and heavier landings off features.

Package Includes: 2024 Windsor Wakeboard, .75 x 6″ (1.9 x 15.2 cm) Wake Fins (4)

In 2024 we officially celebrate a decade of Windsor pro model boards. For the past 10 years James Windsor has traveled the world with this board competing at the highest level in cable wakeboarding. He’s put it to the test with an estimated tens of thousands of laps around hundreds of wakeparks world-wide. The Windsor is built for hard edging, air tricks, huge kicker hits, and deep presses. Subtle tip and tail channels combine with a more rigid belly and aggressive rail profile to maximize traction / edge control and help to carry speed through landings. Basically there’s nothing in the park this board or James can’t master – After a decade of continual refinement, it’s safe to say the Windsor was built for the highest level of park riding.

To celebrate a wakepark legend: James Windsor. James is one of the fastest-paced cable riders in the world with arguably more water time than any wakeboarder ever?and the Windsor board is his chariot! The Windsor is like a chameleon, adapting quickly to almost any riding style. From hard-edging corner and kicker fanatics to more tech-based rail junkies, every style of rider finds a bounty of success with the Windsor.

Atomic Wood Core

Vertically laminated wood core construction is what gives Slingshot boards their signature flex performance. It’s lightweight, durable, and magical, delivering superior pop, rebound, and that overall magical feeling in the park.

Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls

Our innovative manufacturing process produces unrivaled dampening and durability by infusing the rail into the core of the board with a single shot, eliminating the need for fasteners or staples.

Carbon Bedrock Inserts

Light, flexible, and super strong, our Carbon Bedrock Inserts reduce overall board weight, increase pull strength, and allow for a more consistent flex under foot.

Ballistic Base

With .7mm’s of bulletproof protection between your board and the surfaces you’re sliding across, this base layer is ready for battle. Put to the test daily by some of the most daring park riders in the game.

Hybrid Rocker Profile

Delivering the best of both worlds, the hybrid rocker profile is a happy medium with a little more pop than a continuous rocker, but still nice and fast on the water.

Signature Flex Tips

Designed to make nose and tail presses more exhilarating. Flex Tips move the flex point out from the belly of the board and more into the tips for a whole new feel on rails.

Tip and Tail Channels

Subtle channels pressed into the tip and tail of the board provide additional traction while on edge without restricting the board’s freedom on obstacles.

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10 Years of James Windsors pro model wake board!!!