ALL activities - Wakeboarding, Aqua Park and Barra Fishing - are now open 7 days a week all summer long from 10am to 5pm. Bookings via this website are recommended at all times.


Wake Foamies: We helped bring Harley’s vision to life – Fun, Foam Boards…that actually WORK!

The WF Fish is a blast to ride.With a lightweight foam top-sheet, dual surf stringers, and a poly-carbonate base…the Fish won’t bow out on you or lose it’s shape.Instead, you’ll be grinning ear to ear on one of the FUNNEST shapes you’ve ever put under your feet. I mean, who doesn’t love a classic fish shape – right?


  • Classic Swallow Tail “Fish” Design!
  • Dual Fiberglass Stringers for Fantastic Support and Strength
  • Complete Textured EVA Foam Deck for a Sure Hold
  • Two Dual Tabbed Surf Style Side Fins