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2021 Hyperlite Franchise 134


From first time wakeboarders to those with a repertoire of tricks behind the boat, everyone who straps in will enjoy the Hyperlite Franchise.

The Hyperlite Franchise is a no nonsense wakeboard that lets its riding do the talking. As the most universal wakeboard in Hyperlite’s lineup, you can have one wakeboard on your boat that all the dudes will enjoy ripping. From teaching your friend who has never wakeboarded before to the advanced riders with inverts on lock, the Franchise is a user-friendly shape that excels on the water for riders of all ability levels.

A continuous rocker creates a smooth, consistent pop off the wake every time. The familiarity of a similar pop every time makes learning new tricks or adding an extra touch of style to existing tricks much easier. An overall thinner profile to the board and reduced width at the tip and tail reduces the boards overall swing weight, making for easier spin tricks. Tapered channels narrow out at both the tip and tail, aligning the dual fin configuration to increase hold while edging out or approaching the wake. The variable edge makes for a stable, forgiving ride but gets more aggressive as the rider applies more pressure initiating the board’s edges. The secret recipe that gets this board cooking on the water is its Biolite 3 core. This core material is the lightest, most durable formula created to date by Hyperlite’s design team. Durability is important to every rider as you want to invest in a wakeboard that will last for many summers. Hyperlite’s monocoque construction integrates the top and bottom glass into one to prevent delaminating and build a board that can withstand the test of time. Each rider on the boat doesn’t need their own wakeboard when you have one as versatile as the Hyperlite Franchise. Get the whole boat stoked on wakeboarding with this fun, innovative shape. Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard

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Biolite 3 Core

      • Continuous Rocker
      • Tapered Fin and Channel Alignment
      • Dual Landing Spines
      • Variable Edge Profiles
      • M6 Inserts
      • Monocoque Construction
      • Layered Glass