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2018 Ronix Press Play


The Ronix Press Play is the cable board that is suited to anyone, it adapts many of the basic features of the Flexbox 2 but at a more affordable price. With rocker flex, you have a stiffer body of the board, that thins out through the tip and tails, giving a more stable platform with a smaller flex point. This gives you a better point to pivot from as well as giving you greater ollie power. A low rise rocker allows the board to feel fast on top of the water, while grip and release channels and a concave base, provide maximum cut for effort as well as a forgiving ride in water and on landings. The Press Play is the cable board for everyone, at any level. All you need to do is Press Play.

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  • Rocker Line
    • Low Rise Continuous Rocker – A Continuous rocker provides a super smooth and predictable pop and thanks to the low rise element, is the fastest of Ronix’s continuous boards, meaning when you hit the kicker your gonna boost

    Board Flex

    • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) – 5/10
    • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 6/10
    • Rocker Flex – bigger, stiffer, centre platform, means a smaller flex window for hitting those big kickers and easier rock onto those tip and tail platforms for press’s

    Core Construction

    • MOD Pour Foam – When you want strength to weight ratio, you use MOD Pour Foam, Ronix’s special sauce of an alternative core is ultra stiff, light weight and ultra Ronix.


    • Krypto Cable – It’s as deadly as it sounds, a blend of fibres that are interwoven to make an even stronger creation. Kryptonite… Don’t be ridiculous this isn’t superman. Though it does surround the entire perimeter of the board and is fused to the core for a stable construction. Add this to the outer laminates and your edges are stronger than Supes himself.
    • Variable Thickness – Reduces swing weight, but adds strength to the guts of the board, so


    • Magic Carpet – Ronix are always sourcing new fibreglass materials trying to find that perfect blend that allows the perfect amount of resin to seep thru and set to their Magic Carpet


    • Centre Channel – Adds a flat platform to boost off, that also benefits with a stabilised edge hold
    • G+R Channels – Grip and Release channels give the board stability through edge and easy release of the wake
    • Concave Bottom – Easier pivots into your edge, and a stable platform onto your edge


    • 4x 0.8″  Fibreglass Ramp Fins & 4x 0.8″ Utility Fins

    Rider Level

    • Riding Ability: All Levels