Personalised one-on-one private coaching is available both on the full cable system or the 2 Tower operation at any time. Bookings can be made by phone and need to be made 24 hours in advance. Little Legends Goup Coaching needs to be booked and paid in advance via the link below


2 Tower

Personal sessions on the 2 Tower system offer great value and represent the best and quickest way for any rider to advance his skill level. Our experienced coaching staff can provide one-on-one coaching specific to your needs. It is especially beneficial for beginners who will enjoy the expert advise in a controlled quiet environment, and is an option for riders of ANY age group who may not be old enough, strong enough or experienced enough for the main cable.

Lessons are sold in 20 minute/$39 blocks and bookings in advance are essential


Main Cable

Coaching sessions on the main cable are also available for the more experienced riders wishing to advance their skills. These are usually accomplished by riding doubles with the relevant coach or the coach attending close by from the shoreline.
$89 per hour. $55 per half hour. Ask at Reception


Little Legends Sessions

Beginning Friday August 16th, this programme is run on the Back Lake at slow speed and is aimed at the beginner wishing to improve their riding skills in a small group environment. Sessions will be run at 2pm. 3pm and 4pm Friday afternoons. Maximum of 10 riders per session. Bookings and prepayment are essential to reserve your spot. $25 per person per session. Coaching by pro riders and qualified Bli Bli staff