The Bi Level Lake at Bli Bli opened to the public on Saturday December 13th 2014.

There are many other stages to the development which will continue over the next seasons, although it is envisaged that this will never be "finished" and will always be improved and upgraded...


This lake is for experienced riders only and it is necessary for riders to pass an ability based test before being able to use it. This test includes (but may not be limited to) the ability to be able to "Ollie" onto rails (flatbar, Cbox) without using the upramps and to "gap" obstacles (A-Frame. Kinky Rail), as well as show control and reach the end of most obstacles consistently on the main lake


Opening Hours
1. From September 15th to April 30th - Weekends only call for times
2. From December 26th until February 1st - Every day call for times
(These times and dates will be subject to change based upon demand or lack thereof)
Private sessions may be booked at any other time by qualified riders


- Use of the bi-level lake may be included in some memberships, but rider ability test is still mandatory
If not under an existing membership then cost for use is as follows
1. $29 per person during the regular opening hours. Riders will simply line up and take turns during the 3 hour opening sessions (Times may be extended if demand dictates at Bli Bli management discretion)
2. Outside of these opening times the lake may be booked by qualified riders for $120 / hour including an operator supplied by

Bli Bli staff or $200 / 2 hours
3. Season Membership $199 will give riders use of the bi-level at any time during the season opening hours