Wakeboarding is open 7 days a week 10am to 5pm.....Aqua Park is open weekends only 11am to 4pm
the Barra Park is open 5 days a week Wed to Sunday 10am to 5pm
(closed Mon & Tues). Bookings via this website are recommended at all times.

Aqua Park Safety Rules & Waivers

Whilst patrons safety is our number 1 concern here at Aqua Park Bli Bli, it is important for all customers to understand this is a strenuous outdoor physical activity where injuries can, and do, occur. All customers are required to listen to a pre-recorded safety speech and sign a waiver form prior to entering the water. Waiver forms can be signed on site at the kiosk at ticket purchase or may be downloaded, printed and completed to bring with you. Simply click the link below.

Age Requirements

Its good for ALL THE FAMILY!!. Suitable for the young and old alike, although ages 3-6 must be accompanied by their parent at all times who takes 100% responsibility for them. Under 3 years of age are not permitted on the park. Ages 7 and over may use the park on their own

Ages 16 and over need to sign their own waiver form. Ages 15 and under need to go on the bottom of an adult/parent/guardian form.

Download Waiver

Click the image below to download the
Safety Waiver Form.

Safety Rules

  • It is mandatory for ALL patrons to wear a BOUYANCY VEST at all times. Please ensure your vest fits securely and the straps are tightened.
  • NEVER, under any circumstances, attempt to swim underneath any of the obstacles. ALWAYS go over the top surface.
  • NEVER DIVE HEAD FIRST into the water from any part of the course. You must always enter the water feet first.
  • ALWAYS look up whilst climbing. Do not climb underneath someone climbing above you. People can slip and fall whilst climbing.
  • Make sure the water and landing area is clear of all people before jumping or sliding into the water.
  • Correct sliding position on the slides is to have arms crossed across your chest with feet and legs together.
  • If sliding with a friend DO NOT hold hands. Slide separately.
  • Do not slide down any area that has climbing handles attached.
  • No pushing or excessively rough play. Smaller children should always be given right of way.
  • Tread carefully and show caution as the park is slippery and unstable.
  • The park is only for use during public opening hours when Aqua Staff are on duty.
  • The park must never be used under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.
  • Always follow the directions of the Aqua Staff on duty