From September 1st to May 31st

Wakeboarding - Open 7 days - 10am to 5pm
Aqua Park  - Open 7 days - 10am to 5pm 

Barra Fishing  - Open 7 days - 10am to 5pm


From 1st JUNE - 1stSeptember

Wakeboarding - Open Thursday - Sunday - 11am - 5pm (Closed Mon to Wed)

Aqua Park  - Open Weekends Only - Sat & Sun - 11am to 3pm

Barra Fishing - Open Thursday - Sunday - 11am - 5pm (Closed Mon to Wed)



About Cable Wake Parks…..

There are 8 Full size Cable Parks operating in Australia with 2 more currently under application . There is over 400 around the world, traditionally in Europe but rapidly spreading all over the globe. Cable Wake Parks are currently enjoying a huge boom in popularity and growth with a new park being built every 10 days somewhere in the world. Smaller 2 Tower cable systems have proliferated at a faster rate still


The reasons for their sudden popularity are many. From a user standpoint they offer a low cost fun holistic environment for people of all ages from 6 up to 70 years and beyond. Largely youth based they offer a healthy time consuming passion at a very low cost for people who would never otherwise have access to a boat or waterway. The advent of obstacles has transformed these parks into skate parks on water that offer all participants a place to relax, exercise, enjoy themselves and even eventually compete in cable contest formats. 


The operating systems of these parks are totally noise free, running on electricity alone and are environmentally friendly. They offer a healthy sport & lifestyle opportunity to a huge proportion of the population who would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. 

Bli Bli Wake Park is a pet free zone.

The Bli Bli Wake Park is a central part of the complex where the skier or wake boarder is towed by an overhead cable system that is powered by electricity and travels around the lake in a circular fashion. Riders enter the system via a start station where they are pulled from a stationery jetty onto the water. They may use a variety of skis, wakeboards or kneeboards and will travel around the lake for a number of laps and exit at their will.

Wakeboards are the predominant type of equipment used and riders can negotiate a series of obstacles, rails, kickers and jumps that have been built specifically for that purpose. Riders must be 10 years of age or older during normal operating hours on the Main Cable 10, however Kids Club also operates before opening in the school holiday periods and caters to ages from 6 and up. A new Cable 6 system on the back lake also caters to Kids 6 years and older and runs at selected times each weekend and school holiday preiods. A smaller 2 Tower system is also utilised on the back lake for beginners and private lessons and is available for riders of any ability level and ANY age. Bookings may be required. All equipment necessary is provided including vests, helmets, skis, kneeboards or wakeboards, although everyone is welcome to bring and use their own equipment as well.

We have a fully stocked pro shop and rental department on site that even carries board shorts, sunscreen and towels if you have left something at home. Located in the Wake Park are the café and bar area as well as toilets and shower facilities.

What's happening...

Special Programmes


Special Programmes are run all year long according to season and  demand. These  include Kids Club,  Members Rides, Squad Training, Ladies Only sessions, Points Chase contests and loads more. ....To enquire further call 0754487555.....

Kid's Club!

Every Sunday morning .... all year long

The Kids Club Programme runs every Sunday on the front lake . 8.30am during summer and 9.30am in winter. It also runs more frequently according to demand in the school holiday periods. Kids Club offers instruction and help to all the kids that attend. Ages 6 and over are catered for and first timers are especially welcome. The cable runs at a slower speed to help aid the learning process ... come join the great atmosphere!!  Price includes all equipment needed and instruction... $35 Members half price

POINTS Chase Events

Every month during summer..

A Grass roots Cable Wakeboarding contest that runs during the summer months. Divisions are ability based, not age based so allows riders of all levels a chance to get involved. The emphasis is on fun and involvement! First event kicks off November 17! Entry fee $30...

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